Pia Wurtzbach and Heart Evangelista’s Media Impact Values ​​at Milan Fashion Week 2024

Former Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach and actress-slash-socialite Heart Evangelista are both making waves in the global fashion scene!

In a report released by the fashion trade journal Women’s Wear Dailythe two Filipino celebrities were among the personalities who generated the highest Media Impact Values ​​(MIV) during Milan Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2024, which ran from February 20, 2024 to February 26, 2024.

MIV is an algorithm developed by Launchmetrics, an influence analytics company, that “analyzes quantitative and qualitative data…that measure the impact of brand placements and mentions across different communication channels in the fashion, luxury, and beauty industries.”

LOOK: Pia Wurtzbach’s and Heart Evangelista’s Media Impact Values ​​(MIV) During Milan Fashion Week F/W 2024


Pia ranked second on the celebrity list, generating a staggering MIV of $5.4 million (approximately P303.5 million). Heart came in third, amassing an MIV worth $3.6 million (about P202.3 million).

In a separate list published by Lefty.ioan influencer marketing platform affiliated with The Independents Group, Pia placed sixth in their “Most Visible Influencer” list. The beauty queen accumulated an Earned Media Value (EMV) worth $2.95 million, or approximately P166.9 million.


Pia at the Loro Piana showcase. Instagram/piawurtzbach

Heart’s media impact during fashion week is seeing steady growth as well. In fact, based on a report by EnVi Mediathe 39-year-old actress generated media impact values ​​worth $1.4 million (about P638.7 million) during Milan Fashion Week in September 2023. Moreover, the Women’s Wear Daily journal reported that Heart amassed $1.27 million (approximately P711.5 million ) worth of MIV during Paris Haute Couture Week in July.

Both figures were sourced from Launchmetrics.


Heart ahead of the Tod’s show. Instagram/iamhearte


Other celebrities with notable media impact values ​​during Milan Fashion Week F/W 2024

In terms of celebrity influence, South Korean boy group NCT emerged as the entity with the highest media impact values ​​during Milan Fashion Week F/W 2024. Collectively, the group brought in an impressive MIV worth $6.2 million (about P348 million). Each of their members raked in notable MIV numbers: Jaehyun with $1.3 million (P73 million), Jeno with $1.1 million (P61.8 million), and Doyoung with $903,000 (P50.7 million).

In addition, Japanese group Niziu and South Korean singer Joy each garnered USD1.9 million (P106.8 million) in MIV.

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